Product Highlights

Sage Story

The SageGlass product portfolio is as dynamic as the glass itself. Continuous innovation delivers powerful new advantages for architects, building owners and glazing contractors.


Get into your comfort zone

SageGlass LightZone™ provides you with the ability to create up to three variable tint zones within a single pane of SageGlass. Custom zoning strategies can use dynamic control to track the sun as it moves across the sky. Thoughtful zoning with SageGlass LightZone can help you strike the ideal balance of comfort and daylighting. The design is limited only by your needs and imagination.

SageGlass Unplugged™


Bring the comfort and convenience of electrochromic glass to skylights, curtain walls and clerestory windows with SageGlass Unplugged™. Integrated solar cells provide self-contained power and a wireless interface allows remote control via mobile device. There is no electrical wiring to install, making SageGlass Unplugged perfect for retrofits or any hard-to-reach space.

No Center Bus Bar

Make the clear choice

SageGlass is available without a center bus bar in any size glazing up to 5' x 10'. While the thin electrical conduit does provide faster tinting and tint uniformity, some architects and building owners prefer the pure aesthetic elegance of glass without the bar. Now, SageGlass gives you the freedom to choose, even in designs that require large-scale sizes.


Shape up any design

Whether you are planning a creative design or refurbishing a classic structure, windows in distinctive, non-rectangular shapes can be essential. Dynamic SageGlass offers trapezoid, parallelogram and triangle shapes to extend your design options. These shapes allow you to maximize energy efficiency without compromising the aesthetics of innovative designs.

SageGlass Mobile App

Set the scene remotely

Use the SageGlass mobile app for unprecedented daylighting control. Available for iOS and Android devices, this convenient app makes it easy to customize the tint zones in SageGlass from anywhere in the building. Precision technology allows you to fine-tune the tint of any zone, pane, window or facade, or recall predefined “scene” settings to achieve specific lighting effects.