Sage Story

SageGlass is electronically tintable dynamic glass that improves the way people experience daylight in buildings.

You control the tint to deliver abundant natural light that makes people happier, healthier, smarter and more productive … without blocking the view to the outdoors. No more glare. No more shades. No more fading of valuable furnishings and artwork.

• Improves building energy performance
• Enhances the human experience in buildings
• Enables more sustainable building design and construction

SageGlass is a sustainable glazing solution that saves energy, money and the environment.  It lets light stream in without the unwanted heat gain of conventional glass. You save on lighting and air-conditioning costs.  And our insulated double- and triple-pane glazing helps keep the warmth in when you want it.

SageGlass is easy to install. We fabricate SageGlass into industry standard insulating glass units (IGUs) that can fit into a range of window, skylight or curtain wall frame sizes to meet your desires.

It’s liberating, too. Architects and owners can now build beautiful buildings using more glass without having to consider traditional sun control add-ons to the building. SageGlass can also help architects enhance their designs by increasing window-to-wall ratios.

SageGlass is the world’s leading dynamic architectural glass.