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Specifying your Product

The SageGlass portfolio includes standard double- and triple-pane configurations in a range of sizes, shapes and colors. SageGlass IGUs can be integrated into most framing systems. Our IGUs are fabricated in-house using the highest quality sealing and component materials and are certified by the Insulating Glass Certification Council (IGCC).

Our standard dual-pane product, shown below, is a 1” (25 mm) IGU, but the outermost and inner lites can be of custom thicknesses to meet your specific requirements. For even greater energy efficiency, SageGlass is also available in triple-pane configurations, which is the most energy efficient glazing on the market today.

chart_specs_productModeled with Window 6.3; 1” argon-filled IGU

Switching speed

An average-sized pane of SageGlass transitions across 90% of its dynamic range (from clear to tinted or from tinted to clear) in 7-12 minutes. The switching speed depends on several factors, including the ambient temperature and glass size: The warmer it is outside, the faster the glass transitions. Larger panes take longer than smaller panes to fully transition. Also, keep in mind that in day-to-day use the glass often changes in smaller increments (e.g., from one intermediate state to the next lighter or darker state) rather than from fully clear to fully tinted, so the transition takes less time.

SageGlass IGU (clear state)



SageGlass IGU (tinted state)


Sizes and shapes

SageGlass is available in rectangular panes as large as 5’ x 10’ (1524 x 3048 mm), suitable for installation in new construction and retrofit projects. We also offer select shapes, including parallelograms, trapezoids and triangles, for more distinctive designs. View Shapes Catalog (PDF)


SageGlass is available in a variety of tinted or coated substrates to coordinate with the exterior aesthetics of your building.


SageGlass can be integrated into virtually all frames.  We maintain strong relationships with leading window, skylight and curtain wall manufacturers, and have prepared integration details for many of their framing systems.

Bus bars

For IGUs with one dimension of  40″ (1016 mm) or less, two bus bars run in parallel along the longer edges of the pane.  If the shorter dimension is greater than 40″ (1016 mm), a conductor 1/8″ (3 mm) wide runs through the middle of the pane. The coatings on either side of this conductor can be controlled independently to provide two zones within a pane, allowing greater control of directional glare and maximization of useful daylight.